Friday, January 4


*clearing webs*

Hey peeps ! as expected happy 2013 :3

again my countdown spent with my bosses n colleagues n crazy frens . its kindof fun n shiok since i got my 1st ever lucky draw HEHEHHEHEHE . AND , its top ten prize yo HEHHEHEHE .
and when the emcee announced the lucky number i was actually thinking ahhh shit ~ its so close to my number again fucker .
after swearing 18382164 times in my heart dyi baru noticed i am THE fucker the fuck

n imma share u my stupid lucky number story despite u interested or not .
and also , i was lazy so nvm you are passed , thanks me .

fly to meet love n crazy frens men after the countdown . it was okay until i missed them , u cannot imagine whats that suffocating feel in my chest when i was reminded this is the 1st year after so many years . that feel sucks big time not to mention i saw the similiar pic we took few years ago when there is just us . it kills me inside

i always tot i was over it already unfortunately that crazy breathless moment , denied it .

anyway , its new year ! new goals new hopes new dreams !
still im wishing everyone best wishes , not sure what you want to be wish so fill in yourself lolol .

for me i just wanna live happily ever after with lotsa cash n loveeee . and thats like everything already yea im greeedy .

still have half hour to go tf . yeaa im working right now and bored as hell .
so ~ its THE 2013 ! we spent a year or 2 thinking what would happen to 2012 after watching THE 2012 .
i spent like 3days worrying about i would die in the kk trip 2weeks ago , panicked what if the worldd really went dark i wont be having my family my bf by my side bcz the airport will shut down what shit one .
craps =_______=

see what now , we hai shi huo de hao hao de . continue worrying like ahhh what for lunch ~ ahhhh im sho fat . things like that !

okay . kthxbye

Saturday, August 25

An angel

朋友堆中不会再有像她这么好的笨蛋。永远那么的没心机~ 永远那么真心地对人好~


很多态度是我从她身上学的,不够厉害但至少可以顶着先wtf ! 还是很珍惜啊,因为虽然已经到这种地步了却还是可以维持着可以偷笑了, 无论如何种有人是代替不来的


happy bday yue , x ! lovessss always